How to Reduce Marijuana Cravings

Here are a few tips that may help you deal with cravings without giving in.

Two Facts about Marijuana Cravings

Remember these 2 facts the next time you experience a craving and you might find it easier to handle:

1: Cravings Are Like Waves

Weed cravings hit you like a wave (actually this is true with cravings for any drug, not just weed.) You start thinking about smoking and then the cravings start and they build and build and you feel like they’ll intensify forever unless you give in.

But actually, cravings hit you like an ocean wave…and they recede like an ocean wave. They start small, then build to a crescendo and then gradually disappear back to nothing. So  if you can wait that craving out – and cravings rarely last more than 20 minutes or so – then you’ll notice that your craving-feelings gradually just go away.

So next time you start have a craving, remember to think of surfing it like a wave, know that you’re only going to climb to the top for a few minutes before reaching the apex and then you’ll start to glide back down to the other side.

2. Don’t Feed the Monster

Imagine cravings are like little monsters that need to eat to survive. If you feed the craving-monsters (by giving in) then they grow stronger and want to eat more frequently, but if you starve them, they grow weaker and bother you less often.

  1. Every time you successfully resist a craving you reduce the intensity of future cravings; eventually, they’ll go away entirely.
  2. Every time, you give-in to a craving, you make future cravings stronger and more persistent.

The 4 D’s: How to Overcome Cravings

  1. Distract
  2. Delay
  3. De-stress
  4. Don’t lose perspective

Distract – So if you know that a craving is like a wave and it’s going to dissipate within about 20 minutes, all you’ve got to do is distract yourself for a few moments and you’ll be past the worst of it. So when cravings get serious, do something active that gets your mind off your urges – like start cooking dinner, go for a walk, tackle some chores, etc. etc.

Delay – If you decide you can’t resist any longer and really need to smoke, delay this action for half an hour. After 30 minutes, if you still need to smoke – go ahead, but in most cases, you’ll no longer really need to.

De-Stress – Withdrawal symptoms and cravings are stressful and feeling stressed-out just makes cravings and withdrawal symptoms worse. Most people find that doing something  relaxing, like having a hot shower, helps to ease cravings (while also distracting and delaying at the same time)

Don’t Lose Perspective – OK, so remember, that though these feelings aren’t fun – you aren’t dying, you don’t actually need to smoke and things could be much worse. Keep a sense of  perspective and remember what you’re trying to do.1 

Also, although this may seem sort of obvious…if certain situations trigger intense cravings, you should try to avoid these situations, at least for the first little while.

If any readers out there have any other useful tips for dealing with weed cravings, please leave a comment  below.

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